Rental Documents

Please note that the waivers are lengthy and typically take a few minutes per person to fill out. We do have a few tablets available for use to sign waivers however our employees also use them to check in customers so if there is a long line of people waiting to sign the waiver it will DRASTICALLY increase the amount of time it takes for you to check in, thus cutting your day shorter. So with that said, it is best if EVERYONE signs the waiver BEFORE arrival!

All renters must fill out and sign our waiver and rental agreement. If you are 18 years of age or older you must fill out and sign them yourself. If you are a minor (17 years of age or younger) a parent of guardian 18 years of age or older must sign for you.

We have migrated to an online waiver system in order to reduce environmental impact. Before you continue to signing please read the information below.

If you have made, or are planning to make a reservation you should receive an email and/or text message with a link to sign these document. If that is the case PLEASE ensure that you, and everyone else that you have made a reservation for sign the documents via that link. When one person is done filling out the waiver do not click "Sign another waiver" at the end, instead close out of it and open it again by clicking the provided link, this will ensure that all of your groups waivers are linked together with your reservation. The link you receive is a unique link that is connected to your reservation, in our system it shows us how many waivers need to be signed, how many have been signed, and how many are left to be signed so if you do not use that link it will show the information incorrectly on our end and the check-in process may take longer! You can send the link to other members of your reservation by forwarding the email or text message that you receive to everyone else in your group. If you have issues please contact us.

If you are on the ferry right now, waiting in line as a walk-in, or are planning to walk in without a reservation please fill out the documents at the following link. We will search your name in our system when you are paying for your rentals to ensure that everyone has signed the documents.