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The Pelee Shop

The Pelee Shop is home to Pelee Island's largest selection of Pelee Island apparel and souvenirs. Conveniently located just a two minute walk from the ferry dock on the west side of the island, The Pelee Shop has a range of Pelee Island branded merchandise, drinks and snacks, essential items, and a full fleet of rental bicycles, e-bikes, and more!

Exterior photo of The Pelee Shop


Our retail store is the heart and soul of The Pelee Shop. Our retail operations started in 2020 as an online store with a small pop-up shop on the north end of the island selling t-shirts and hats. In 2021 we moved into a small store on the west side of the island and expanded our offerings to include things like stickers, pins, beach towels and candy bars. In 2022 we moved into a slightly larger space allowing us to carry a wider range of apparel and introduce more small items and cold beverages. Now we are in the process of finalizing a new, larger, more prominent, and permenant location just a short walk south of the ferry terminal.

The Pelee Shop is a must stop place for any of your traditional souvenirs or island apparel and acts as a wonderful complimentary business to other artisan based souvenir and gift shops on the island.

How to find us

Our current location is far from prominant, but we promise that we're easy to find! When you get off the ferry you will see two blue buildings directly across the street, simply walk down the driveway between the two buildings toward the pavilion and you will find us at the back behind The Westview Tavern, and infant of the public washrooms.

A man and woman riding bicycles down a paved, tree lined road on Pelee Island.


The Pelee Shop is the only fully equipped bike rental shop on the island. With a fleet of nearly 150 bicycles, tricycles, tandem bikes, kids bikes, ebikes, and bike trailers available for rent we are sure to have something to suit your needs and allow you to experience Pelee Island in the best possible way - on a bike!

Why bike Pelee Island? Well if you’ve never been here the island is probably larger than you think and walking isn’t going to get you very far before it’s time to head back to the ferry. Vehicle spaces often fill up quickly on the ferry, at times making it impossible to get your car, truck, or van to the island. Bikes allow for a slower, but steady pace to travel the island. You wouldn’t believe how much more of our beautiful island you will notice, and be able to embrace travelling on a bike as opposed to a vehicle. On a bike you can experience nature in a much more natural way, you’ll likely see more wildlife, notice different types of trees, flowers and other plants, you’ll get a bit of bonus exercise, and there’s always the feel-good feeling in reducing your carbon footprint by travelling by human power!

If you’re travelling to the island via personal watercraft or airplane as opposed to the ferry service we will be more than happy to drop off and pick up your rental bikes to and from your location so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of trying to find a way to our shop to pick them up.

We highly recommend that you make reservations, especially if you are planning to visit on a weekend or holiday. Reservations will guarantee you get a bike (we do run out!), and it will help speed up your check-in process getting you on your way sooner and allowing you more time to explore Pelee Island!