Services On Pelee Island

Island Services

As a small, remote island, you will not find all of the same services that you might expect to find in small towns, so be sure to come prepared. Pelee Island does however have a few basic and very important services available for residents and tourists alike.

Emergency Services

Contrary to what many people think, Pelee Island is a 911 supported community. If there is an emergent situation please call 911. There are Paramedics on the island year round with air ambulance services available if necessary. The island has a volunteer fire department on call at all times, and Police are frequently on the island and if not are able to get to Pelee Island relatively quickly when needed.

A man and woman riding bicycles down a paved, tree lined road on Pelee Island.

The Pelee Shop Bike Rentals

Here at The Pelee Shop in addition to our retail store we have a fleet of over 150 bicycles, tricycles, kids bikes, e-bikes, tandem bikes, and bike trailers. We offer rentals by the day. Reservations are not required but are highly recommended to ensure that we have something available for you and to speed up your check in process. You cn make reservations online at or by calling 519-724-2828 during business hours.

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Medical Clinic

The Pelee Island Medical Clinic is operated by Erie Shores HealthCare and is located on the west side of the island just north of the ferry dock in a building behind the municipal office. The clinic has been going through major changes in 2023 and hours have been changing often and vary by the season.

The clinic is attended to by a nurse who has video, chat, and phone access to medical doctors for consultation if needed.

There is no pharmacy on Pelee Island, if you are prescribed medication the clinic will typically fax it to a local pharmacy in Leamington or Kingsville who will deliver it to the ferry and you will be able to pick it up from the ferry dock on the island when the next ferry arrives.

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The Pelee Island Adventures Logo

Pelee Island Adventures

Pelee Island Adventures is an experience based company providing unique tours of various areas across the island, most notably they are the only company providing tours of the Vin Villa ruins. They also offer rentals of golf carts, and e-bikes. You can also find a small selection of merchandise and souvenirs at their store.

Pelee Island Adventures is located in with Stonehouse 1891, just a short walk south of the ferry dock. They also offer rentals from Scudder Beach Breakfast Bar on the north end of the island.

Waste Transfer Station

Garbage and recycling on Pelee Island are treated differently than what you are probably used to. There are no garbage or recycle trucks on the island and therefore there is no garbage or recycle pick-up. Instead there is a waste transfer station on the island located on McCormick Road a short ways south of The Pelee Island Winery Pavilion. The hours of the transfer station vary depending on the time of year and can be found on the Township of Pelee website and are also posted on a large sign at the entrance of the transfer station. Recycling is free but garbage disposal does have a fee of $4 per bag. The transfer station does accept cash, credit, and debit.

Also please keep in mind that most rental cottages on the island charge a significant fee if garbage is left behind so be sure to either bring your garbage to the waste transfer station before you leave or take your garbage back to the mainland and dispose of it there.

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Pelee Pro's

Pelee Pro’s provides a range of services on the island including cottage cleaning, skilled labourers, custom projects, and more.

Pelee Motors

If you have the unfortunate experience of vehicle troubles while on the island Pelee Motors is the only mechanic shop on the island. Pelee Motors is open year round and is located in the northeast corner of the island near the corner of Harris Garno Road and East Shore Road. Pelee Motors offers repair services on all sorts of vehicles including auto, farm, construction, and light and heavy duty equipment.

The Pelee Island Co-operative Association building.

Gas & Groceries

Pelee Island has one general store - The Pelee Island Co-operative Association, or The Co-op. The Co-op is located at the north end of the island and carries a selection of basic groceries and hardware items, they have unleaded gasoline (mid-grade and premium are not available on Pelee Island) as well as diesel fuel. The Co-op is the only place on the island that is able to fill propane tanks for barbecues. The Co-op has relatively short hours typically closing in the early afternoon (2 or 3pm). During the summer months they are open 7 days a week, and in the winter months they are only open Monday-Friday. In shoulder seasons (spring and fall) they are typically open Monday-Saturday.

Scudder Marina also has a fuel pump with unleaded gasoline that is primarily used for boats and other watercraft, but it is available for vehicle use as well if need be.

Public Washrooms

Pelee Island has three sets of public washroom facilities located around the island. The public washrooms open from early spring until early fall and close before freezing temperatures begin.

Please note that no public washrooms on the island have any sort of changing table if you have a child in diapers.

One set is located on the west side of the island behind The Westview Tavern and Pelee Island Heritage Centre, many people get confused looking for it so here is our attempt at directions. If you are leaving the ferry dock you will enter the driveway that goes between the two building across the street (Westview Tavern to the left and Heritage Centre to the right), at the back of the driveway you will see a large pavilion, head back to that pavilion and behind it to the left hand side is a small building, enter that building and the women’s washrooms are to the left and mens to the right. The long blue building behind the Westview Tavern is not the public washroom!

The second set of public washrooms is located at Scudder Marina on the north side of the island. The washrooms are located on the west side of the building, the door does have a key-pad lock however it is typically unlocked, if you do find that the door is locked just go into the office and ask to use the washrooms. This facility also has showers available, showering is free of charge for anyone staying at Scudder Marina, for those not staying at the marina there is a small charge to use the showers.

The final set of public washrooms is located at the East Park Campground. This facility also has showers available, showering is free of charge for anyone staying at the East Park Campground, for those not staying at the campground there is a small charge to use the showers.

Water Filling Station

The majority of Pelee Island, with the exception of a small section of businesses and residences along West Shore Road near the ferry dock are on well water that either comes from the water table or is pumped in from the lake. While most cottages have significant UV filtration systems to remove any bacteria or unwanted taste (always check with your cottage owner regarding the water quality) there is a water bottle filling station located on West Shore Road at the bend right near The Pelee Island Winery Pavilion. The water filling station is most commonly used to fill 15 litre (5 gallon) bottles but can also fill a few smaller sized bottles.

The water filling station is available for use 24/7. Keep in mind that the station only accepts payment by coin and does not accept any bills or cards.

18 litre (5 gallon) water bottles are also available for purchase at The Co-op on the north end of the island.

Tire Filling Stations

With Pelee Island being such a popular biking destination it will be handy to know that there are three free-to-use compressors, or tire filling stations around the island located at each of the three pump-houses. You can find these stations at the corner of West Shore Road and East Pump Road, North Shore Road and Centre Dyke Road (across the street from Scudder Marina), and near the corner of Curry Dyke Road and South Shore Road. Usage of these tire filling stations is at your own risk.